About Us
Diana Burbridge, owner of Mistar Ranch, has always dreamed of breeding and raising arabian horses of
excellence.  The start of her dream was realized with the purchase of two beautiful arabian horses.  
Chrystal Rose and her colt Sir Chairo Mistar.  These two horses had amazing pedigree, and were the ideal
horses to start Mistar Ranch's foundation stock.

In 1997, when her youngest daughter married a young man who's parents were Morab breeders, Diana
was introduced to a new breed of horse- The Morab.  Diana was so in love with her arabian breed, she
could never imagine another breed of horse that would compare to her beloved arabian.  The more Diana
learned about the morab however the more she realized that the union of the arabian with the morgan was
a win-win proposition.  The pairing didn't diminish the arabian at all, in fact the combination was
outstanding.  Here was a breed with the beauty and grace of the arabian and with the stable even
disposition of the morgan.  Diana fell so in love with the morab that she bred her Chrystal Rose to Liberty
Mountain Ranch's gaited morgan stallion Mary Mels Mystery.  Mystery is an excellent morgan stud with
superb confirmation and level-headedness.  The breeding resulted in the amazing morab stallion
Sakan Mistar.

In addition to her passion for horses, Diana loves all types of breeds of poultry.  There is nothing like
sitting on the porch watching your flock of chickens move across the property.  What started as a hobby
has now become a full scale breeding operation.  Mistar Ranch hatches out hundreds of baby chicks every
year.  For more information on our various breeds of poultry, please be sure to visit our
poultry page.

Diana has also travel the country with her family.  Some of their favorite destinations include the Rocky
Mountains in Colorado including the towns of Ouray-Silverton-Durango-and Wolf Creek Pass, the Tetons
and Yellowstone in Wyoming, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  This is not a complete listing, but among
our favorites.  Please take a moment to veiw some pictures below that Diana took during the family's